Girls who do sex at regular intervals are whores!!!!

I assure everyone solemnly  that I do not support this opinion anywise but heartbreakingly, there are people (Yes there are!!) who exhibit this common but stereotypical mindset. While traveling in metro(its a public transport) today, I overheard a conversation going on among a group of middle aged women.They were gossipping about a girl from their locality. Now, I am definitely not going to write a huge feminist article on the same subject( I seriously do not have that energy and neither do YOU!) but I will definitely draw an analogy to make my point.

So…how do we define a businessman?( Humour me! Plz!! 5minutes? Thanks!!)

( Assumption- All men are businessmen{for the sake of the context!})

The one who exchange’s money for goods and services he provides. If the same businessman starts giving his services for free then we call that person “charitable”.

I hope this small correspondence will struck a bell in narrow minds and they will start minding their own life and affairs.

“So Aunties, she’s a PHILANTHROPIST!!”