‘Loner’, Not By Choice!!

Evening seems strikingly unusual sometimes,
Life appears so inanimate sometimes,
If you identify, then enlighten me as well,
That why reminiscing breaches my tranquility sometimes.

Do not let tears transgress the eyes,
Do not tell the tale of this broken heart, who is naïve.
People are always wandering with handful of salt,
So, do not show your infliction even by default.
We were so close earlier, but now we are apart,
In a single moment, my life has broken into infinite shards.
Your presence, I can feel in my loneliness,
And my damp eyes validate my  eerie helplessness.
I have forsaken the habit to express my pain,
I have withdrawn myself from constant complain.
People, sometimes interrogate me of my frown face,
And, I always beguile them through phony says.
But, difficult is to explain this incredulous heart,  
That now we have set apart.                      



To rise

Yesterday night I understood the meaning of love at a whole new different level. You never fall in love; you can only rise with it. It does not consume you, it always fulfills you.

I was waiting for him for one and half hours, “Let him come”, I said to myself, “and I will shower every ounce of anger that I have been feeling for this long”, but the moment he enters through the main gate, my fury vaporized  and I was just looking at him. I knew that he was feeling guilty; I could see that in his eyes. I completely forgot my anger in that brief moment.

Love truly has the power to change you for better and that is the meaning of true love.