Eulogy to a rotten apple

Once there was an apple green,

That persistently surrounded Mr. Him and Miss Mee,


Mr. Him always woke up with that distasteful sight,

And hoped every day to not see it the next night,


Miss Mee also reminded herself of the Paled, once in a blue moon,

But thanks to her indifference and sloth, the guilt usually gone to soon.


But untold days past and many nights faded,

And slowly the rich Green turned into Yellow pallid,


Finally, a day arrived, when in the night Mr. Him unyieldingly decided,

“I will eat the Poor waiting aside and once and for all give it an ultimate Good Bye”


But, the persistent struggle dried away the green apple,

And the trashcan became its eventual memorial Chapel





‘Loner’, Not By Choice!!

Evening seems strikingly unusual sometimes,
Life appears so inanimate sometimes,
If you identify, then enlighten me as well,
That why reminiscing breaches my tranquility sometimes.

Do not let tears transgress the eyes,
Do not tell the tale of this broken heart, who is naïve.
People are always wandering with handful of salt,
So, do not show your infliction even by default.
We were so close earlier, but now we are apart,
In a single moment, my life has broken into infinite shards.
Your presence, I can feel in my loneliness,
And my damp eyes validate my  eerie helplessness.
I have forsaken the habit to express my pain,
I have withdrawn myself from constant complain.
People, sometimes interrogate me of my frown face,
And, I always beguile them through phony says.
But, difficult is to explain this incredulous heart,  
That now we have set apart.                      


To rise

Yesterday night I understood the meaning of love at a whole new different level. You never fall in love; you can only rise with it. It does not consume you, it always fulfills you.

I was waiting for him for one and half hours, “Let him come”, I said to myself, “and I will shower every ounce of anger that I have been feeling for this long”, but the moment he enters through the main gate, my fury vaporized  and I was just looking at him. I knew that he was feeling guilty; I could see that in his eyes. I completely forgot my anger in that brief moment.

Love truly has the power to change you for better and that is the meaning of true love.


discovering self!

I have always wanted to write, but I never had the nerves to even pick up my pen and start painting my imaginative world. My mind is constantly bustling with plethora of ideas but I have always felt that I don’t have the ability to articulate myself cogently on paper (now  off course on MS word). This has always pushed me back from verbalizing my thoughts. I have wasted couple of years, but now, I have finally decided that I can’t lament anymore, I don’t want that at the age of 32 which is like ten years from mow, I would be in a same state of mind, where I will be nursing similar thoughts.

It’s better to start, than to not start at all. I believe this golden opportunity to be an intern at youthopia has appeared in a form of blessing in disguise for me. I am expecting a lot from this internship. I believe, it will give me a wonderful opportunity to manifest and hone my nascent writing skills and will also help me tremendously in understanding my potential. It will give me a prospect to know people, their ideas and experiences that will help me to evolve more as a writer. On the whole it will give me a chance to overcome my trepidation and uncertainties that I have always nurtured. . It is undoubtedly an excellent platform for emerging writers and believes in “reflectthyself”.

The best test of an argument is the argument’s ability to convince someone with an opposing viewpoint

An argument is an attempt to persuade somebody of something by giving logical and convincing reasons. It is how one justify it stand by producing information which is not only true but has strong influence. Its worth can only be validating when the contradictory views emerge and the claim has enough proof and reasons to substantiate its credibility. Opposite views can even add more value to the argument if it testifies them.

Furthermore, it is important for any argument to have details and information which are truthful only then it is in a position to face the opposition. Its ability can only be proven if the content is supported by purposeful explanation. It is undoubtedly important to have conflicting observations as the more trials the argument will face the more it has chances to reach to its winning goal.

Also, it would become more sustainable if the argument is supported by a strong personality. His/her impact would be so great that it will become easier to convince somebody. For example: if I state that the brand Addidas provide goods which are affordable, comfortable and stylish wont leave the same impact on a person of different opinion but if the same statement is supported by any actor or sports personality then it would definitely convince him.

Moreover, it is necessary that we should declare our position with immense confidence and sincerity so as to convince the person of different outlook. For example: a person who is homosexual and want to marry somebody of the same sex can appeal to his parents earnestly, off course the parents would revolt but if one strongly hold his position and have the courage to explain them then they might will convince.

However, one should be mindful and should not be obdurate so as he doesn’t even have the patience to listen to the contrasting views. Many politicians don’t pay heed to what someone else is saying which results in revolt and rebellion from the society. If the argument is convincing today it doesn’t mean that it will remain like that always. Opposite grounds should always be welcome so as to maintain flexibility.

Lastly every time it cannot happen that one argument is correct and the contradictory isn’t. People are diverse they have different culture, tradition and perception, it is not always important that only one side can win, both can also be accepted. Not everything in this world can be taken to the platform of argumentation. Convincing the claim cannot be an ultimate goal if it is not benefiting anybody.

Objectification of women- an overstretched issue!

We often come across with the subject sometimes in newspaper or magazines where a piece of writing is trying its best to prove that we all are surrounded in an environment where this materialization has became an issue of concern. Cinema, advertisements, raunchy lyrics and videos all are contributing towards it.

Talking to a friend about the matter, she mentioned those obscene deodorants ads where women are getting allured by a man who applies it. According to her, these commercials treat women a piece of meat who are meant to satiate the sexual hunger of men.

Throughout that day I was thinking about it and circumstantially in the next day’s bollywood supplement I came across with an article which was also talking about the flimsy and objectified role of women in media of all forms. I failed to understand that why this issue doesn’t seem an issue to me at all. Does the problem lies inside me? Am I being immature or casual and insensitive? I was in two minds but after a very long time I realized that the problem isn’t with me.

Basically people have engrossed themselves so much into it that they watch everything from a critical spectacle. I am sure who so ever will read this article will think that I do not understand the gravity of the situation but, just think are these commercials treating women or men as an object? I guess it’s the guy because ladies in his ambit and sometimes outside his domain (like the one where angels fall as well) want to consume him and not contra wise. It is he who is being fantasized and not the lady.

Also, if we look at them from a broader perspective we can observe that they are contributing towards women empowerment and emancipation also. They are no more portrayed as demure and fragile. They can now freely express their sexuality which was earlier considered as taboo and have torn the moral codes that women need to be covered from head to heels.

One point on which I would really like to expostulate upon is that the origin of this materialization lies in those ancient paintings and sculptures which are dated centuries back. Why don’t we find and call attention to errors and flaws in them from the angle of objectification? Rather they are being dismissed in the name of beauty and aestheticism. The poster of a lady in lingerie will become a source of objectification but not a naked lady in canvas.

The major problem lies in the society is when they correlate the term with victimization. It becomes a tool for justifying crimes associated with women. Every now and then rapes take place and the politicians blame it on the media, but they have to understand that they both are different from each other. The germs of sin lie inside the human. It is he who instigates himself and no-body.

The fragments of objectification are present in every being irrespective of their gender. It would be better if we start realizing and accepting because obviously when we meet somebody, it is their appearance which we notice first and not their intellectual abilities. And girls if next time someone says that you are sexy or hot try to be appreciative about it rather getting offended.

How to ask a Woman on date

Asking a lady for a rendezvous can be a quiet daunting experience for many guys, but it’s important to understand that there is an enormous difference between approaching a ‘known’ and ‘someone’ whom you have just seen and got attracted towards.

I would like to give an interesting anecdote of a friend’s expereince so as to make it more comprehensible to understand.  Couple of months back, a female friend of mine was waiting at a metro station for her friend and in a meanwhile, a guy approached her and said “do you know why this metro station is called as Rajeev chowk” (Rajeev chowk is the name of one of the metro station in New Delhi, India). She actually took few seconds to understand the awkward and perplexed situation. She reestablished her lost state and replied that she doesn’t know what was he talking about. Again, he explained further and said that imagine that a guy is standing somewhere out of a girl’s view and constantly staring at her. He is feeling a spark between them both and finally, mustered all his courage & approached her with his fingers crossed. She understood that what was he intended to. I don’t want to disclose what happened next, but honestly she really like the way he approached her. it flattered her completely.

It is important that if you feel an instant connection for someone then just tell her immediately. Don’t waste your time in thinking and contemplating. It’s advisable to not to get awestruck and to be what you are. Start taking things gradually and never show your desperation for her and please, do not try those over used remarks on her (how beautiful your eyes are, I wish I could drown in them) as it can really annoy that woman.

As far as the case of a known woman is concerned then trust your instinct and mettle. You know her  best, so it is ‘you’ who can be the best judge in that situation.