discovering self!

I have always wanted to write, but I never had the nerves to even pick up my pen and start painting my imaginative world. My mind is constantly bustling with plethora of ideas but I have always felt that I don’t have the ability to articulate myself cogently on paper (now  off course on MS word). This has always pushed me back from verbalizing my thoughts. I have wasted couple of years, but now, I have finally decided that I can’t lament anymore, I don’t want that at the age of 32 which is like ten years from mow, I would be in a same state of mind, where I will be nursing similar thoughts.

It’s better to start, than to not start at all. I believe this golden opportunity to be an intern at youthopia has appeared in a form of blessing in disguise for me. I am expecting a lot from this internship. I believe, it will give me a wonderful opportunity to manifest and hone my nascent writing skills and will also help me tremendously in understanding my potential. It will give me a prospect to know people, their ideas and experiences that will help me to evolve more as a writer. On the whole it will give me a chance to overcome my trepidation and uncertainties that I have always nurtured. . It is undoubtedly an excellent platform for emerging writers and believes in “reflectthyself”.


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