The best test of an argument is the argument’s ability to convince someone with an opposing viewpoint

An argument is an attempt to persuade somebody of something by giving logical and convincing reasons. It is how one justify it stand by producing information which is not only true but has strong influence. Its worth can only be validating when the contradictory views emerge and the claim has enough proof and reasons to substantiate its credibility. Opposite views can even add more value to the argument if it testifies them.

Furthermore, it is important for any argument to have details and information which are truthful only then it is in a position to face the opposition. Its ability can only be proven if the content is supported by purposeful explanation. It is undoubtedly important to have conflicting observations as the more trials the argument will face the more it has chances to reach to its winning goal.

Also, it would become more sustainable if the argument is supported by a strong personality. His/her impact would be so great that it will become easier to convince somebody. For example: if I state that the brand Addidas provide goods which are affordable, comfortable and stylish wont leave the same impact on a person of different opinion but if the same statement is supported by any actor or sports personality then it would definitely convince him.

Moreover, it is necessary that we should declare our position with immense confidence and sincerity so as to convince the person of different outlook. For example: a person who is homosexual and want to marry somebody of the same sex can appeal to his parents earnestly, off course the parents would revolt but if one strongly hold his position and have the courage to explain them then they might will convince.

However, one should be mindful and should not be obdurate so as he doesn’t even have the patience to listen to the contrasting views. Many politicians don’t pay heed to what someone else is saying which results in revolt and rebellion from the society. If the argument is convincing today it doesn’t mean that it will remain like that always. Opposite grounds should always be welcome so as to maintain flexibility.

Lastly every time it cannot happen that one argument is correct and the contradictory isn’t. People are diverse they have different culture, tradition and perception, it is not always important that only one side can win, both can also be accepted. Not everything in this world can be taken to the platform of argumentation. Convincing the claim cannot be an ultimate goal if it is not benefiting anybody.


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