How to ask a Woman on date

Asking a lady for a rendezvous can be a quiet daunting experience for many guys, but it’s important to understand that there is an enormous difference between approaching a ‘known’ and ‘someone’ whom you have just seen and got attracted towards.

I would like to give an interesting anecdote of a friend’s expereince so as to make it more comprehensible to understand.  Couple of months back, a female friend of mine was waiting at a metro station for her friend and in a meanwhile, a guy approached her and said “do you know why this metro station is called as Rajeev chowk” (Rajeev chowk is the name of one of the metro station in New Delhi, India). She actually took few seconds to understand the awkward and perplexed situation. She reestablished her lost state and replied that she doesn’t know what was he talking about. Again, he explained further and said that imagine that a guy is standing somewhere out of a girl’s view and constantly staring at her. He is feeling a spark between them both and finally, mustered all his courage & approached her with his fingers crossed. She understood that what was he intended to. I don’t want to disclose what happened next, but honestly she really like the way he approached her. it flattered her completely.

It is important that if you feel an instant connection for someone then just tell her immediately. Don’t waste your time in thinking and contemplating. It’s advisable to not to get awestruck and to be what you are. Start taking things gradually and never show your desperation for her and please, do not try those over used remarks on her (how beautiful your eyes are, I wish I could drown in them) as it can really annoy that woman.

As far as the case of a known woman is concerned then trust your instinct and mettle. You know her  best, so it is ‘you’ who can be the best judge in that situation.


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